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The annual meeting of the Michigan Archaeological Society will be held on Saturday, April 15 in Lansing at the Michigan Historical Center. The business meeting will be from 10:00 A.M. until Noon in the Learning Room. Presentations will begin at 1:00 P.M. in the auditorium.

Tim Bennett will present:

The Three Rs: Relocation, Restoration, and Archaeological Research of the Hicks School.

Dr. Dan Fisher will present:

Discovery and Preliminary Interpretation of the Bristle Mammoth, near Chelsea, Michigan.

Dr. John O'Shea will present:

The End of an Era? Early Holocene Caribou Hunting Strategies in the Upper Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes region has enjoyed a long, rich and varied history. Much of this history is known, but a great deal of information lies hidden waiting to be discovered. The Michigan Archaeological Society was formed in the 1930s for people dedicated to unearthing the past. The MAS now has a number of chapters throughout the state and members across the country, and we would like to invite you to join us.

State Officers for 2016-2017

President: Dan Wymer, dan@danwymer.com

1st Vice President: Chuck Hoover, ckhoover@att.net

2nd Vice President: Ken Mohney, kmohney@monroeccc.edu

Secretary: Theresa Breza
Treasurer: Donna Davis, mastreasurer1@hotmail.com

Trustee (2016-2019): Holly Yatros, hollyeyatros@gmail.com

Trustee (2014-2017): Tim Bennett, tk_Bennett@yahoo.com

Trustee (2015-2018): Don Simons

Michigan Archaeologist Editor: Dr. Mike Hambacher, mjhambacher@att.net



·         Reminder: Time to renew your 2017 MAS membership. Dues are $25.00 for individuals. Submit membership form, available at the membership section at left, with check or money order to: The Michigan Archaeological Society, P. O. Box 359, Saginaw, MI 48606

·         Please click here for a copy of the complete Constitution and amended MAS Bylaws of the Michigan Archaeological Society. The Bylaws were approved unanimously by voice vote at the 2004 Annual Meeting and overwhelmingly by mail ballot.

·     Join us on Facebook! Just type ‘Michigan Archaeological Society’ into the search box on Facebook and you should find us.




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